instant quickies leedsFancy quick shag in Leeds. Yorkshire tends to move at a slightly more relaxed pace and we wouldn’t have it any other way but when it comes to sex, people are looking for a way to find sex fast. Whatever you situation, if you are looking to start increasing the amount of sex you are having, you don’t want it to take weeks or months; you want it to take hours or days.

The problem is how to get it, the secret is to meet up with other people in Leeds who are the same as you; people who are also for looking for no strings attached sex in their local area. Now, I know that you are thinking that tinder just doesn’t work anymore and POF is just full of dead profiles, but have you ever considered signing up to a premium sex-dating site with a difference?

Welcome to instantquickies.co.uk Leeds.

This is a sex-dating site with a twist, you have probably guessed by the name that everyone who is signing up to this site is looking for sex and they want it now.

Rather than us tell you about this site we thought we would let you read one of our recent testimonials that explains the benefits of this site from a user point of view.

fast shag in leeds“When you sign up to this site you agree to meet up with girls looking for sex within 48 hours. You sign it thinking it is just a gimmick to make you feel like you are going to have real success. Let me tell you, this is no gimmick. Since I have signed up, it is like everyone on this site takes these rules very seriously. To give you two examples, I signed up and messaged this hot girl who lives down the road from me in Leeds. I then left the site expecting it to be like all the other dating sites I have ever signed up to and was probably never going to hear from this girl again. As I walked away from the computer my phone buzzed and it said I had a reply on instantquickies.co.uk. I sat back down at my computer and opened the site the it turned out this girl had messaged me back explaining why she wasn’t available to meet this night for sex but she was interested and would meet up with me the following day. At first I thought this must be a prank but the cut long story short, I was fucking that girl the following night. I have messaged many women on the site and I can honestly say I am having sex very regularly with hot women.

I also treat this site with respect too. I have had plans before and been messaged by a girl on this website, so I cancel my plans in order to meet up with them that night. People on this site are looking for sex fast and if you are interested then sign up and start fucking. The great thing is if people are not messaging back or meeting up with you for sex you can simply flag them and they are soon removed from this site. The people who made this site are genius!”