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How we know who to remove from our system?

instant quickys personalsAs mentioned in the last post, we are only really interested in having people sign up to this site who are actively seeking sex. Now as we all know most of the people on sex dating websites are not really looking for sex, they are just looking to chat to people or have people compliment them on their profile. This is where our site is different to everyone else’s; most sites will let thousands of people sign up on the basis that it makes them look good. But we are only really interested in people who are actively interested in sex. Even though we try to only let people sign up who are actively seeking sex we can’t stop people signing up, but what we can do is remove them from our system if we thing they are either

1. Not interested in being on the site
2. Don’t really want to message anyone
3. Not actively looking for sex

So the question is how do we monitor for these people here are some of the ways that we do it

1.How much activity is there on the site?

instant quickies membersAre they uploading many images to their profile, do they bother messaging people, how long does it take before they message people back are all things we monitor to see how interested someone is.

2.Do they have a full profile?

If someone signed up but doesn’t upload any information onto their profile, it is usually a sign that they are not interested in meeting up with someone.

2.Do they verify their email?

Email is the best way to stay connected to the site, it means you don’t have to keep checking in to see if anyone has messaged you. If you leave us with a real email, we can message you when someone has sent you a message or a dirty wink and you can then come back to the site to respond.

3.Are people flagging them for not replying?

On this site if you feel you have been ignored or that someone doesn’t want to meet up with you for sex and have not given a reason then you can flag them. If that person is flagged to often then we will remove them from the site for not actively seeking sex.

So do we just remove people instantly?

No if we suspect that someone is not using the site properly, often what we do is message them and ask them if they want any help with the site, we tell them that the site is only really for people who are actively seeking sex. This causes most of them to either remove their own profile or step it up a notch and start messaging new people.

So if you are up to the challenge and want to start having more sex then why not sign up today?