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real sex dating sites

Real sex dating sites

sex dating sitesThis site is not for the faint hearted, this is a real sex dating site. All of the members on this system are real and they are actively seeking sex. We do not want anyone signing up to this site if you are not completely committed to shagging someone within days of signing up.

There are many different types of people that sign up to a dating site here are a few that you probably are all aware of.

MR not really interest

This is someone who stumbled upon the site when they were doing something else, perhaps felt a bit horny and wanted to check our some girls so signed up to just have a look. But this guy isn’t really interested and is probably going to lose interest soon.

Mrs I just want to chat

girl from sex siteThese are girls who are single and feeling a bit shit about being single but know full well that they will not be settling down with anyone that they don’t really know. The only reason they are even on a dating site is to boost their moral. They want to put up some nice pictures of themselves and have guys compliment them. They have no interest in writing back at all.

Mr I am keeping my options open.

These are the people who really do sign up looking for someone but they just chat to every one and never really commit to one person. The people they want to commit too are not really interested in them and the people who are interested don’t really float their boat. So they are left in this world of never really meeting up with anyone and just messaging everyone.

Keen for sex,

These are the people that are no bullshit and just want to meet up for sex, their chat dialogs are usually very short where they tell people they are only really interested in sex. These characters often freak people out as no one is used to people being that forward so these characters don’t get very far on normal dating sites.

These are the four main categories of people on sex dating websites. You would be shocked to know that the percentages are often like this

Not really interest guy 25%
Mrs I just want to chat 50%
Mr I am keeping my options open. 20%
Keen for sex 5%

Lets face it what ever dating site you are one, most of the time you are just faced with a tone of girls who never message back.

Why is this site different.

We spend a lot of time weaning out the people on the site are not interested, don’t want to chat or only want to chat. We only want people on this site who are keen to meet up. Now since these characters are quite daunting on other dating sites, don’t be surprised when you sign up to this site and actually meet people who want sex! In the next blog I am going to discuss how we get rid of these characters.