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Well what on earth do I mean by this and how could a date be instant? Many of you may have heard of the concept of an instant date, this is when you meet a girl on the streets and you ask her to go and grab a drink there and then. This is pretty much the quickest to take a girl out. Also, many of you might be thinking of tinder and how you can flick through hundreds of girls and instantly pick out the ones that you want to have sex with.

Well yes in a sense both of these are pretty instant but not in the same way instant quickies is.

Let me explain...

When you sign up to instant quickies you have to sign an agreement that you are actively seeking a woman to have sex with and you are free to meet up with this woman within 48 hours of being contacted. This means that you don’t have to go up to random women in the street and do a hard approach. It also means that unlike on tinder where you can swipe right to a woman that you like the look of. On our site, you can send out a message to all the women you like the look of and they will agree to meet up with you within 2 days of getting that message,.If they don’t they get removed from the website. That is how you know that you are going to have amazing success on this site.

Over 90% success rate.

OK, I know what you are thinking “so you telling me every single woman I message on this site is going to get in contact with me and meet up for a shag.” No, that is not the case or this would be the biggest dating website on the plant but what you do have to realise is that all the women on this site have signed an agreement that they are actively seeking sex and will meet up within 48 hours. That means all the women on this site are in a position where they want men to contact them and they want to meet up for an instant date,

Real members guaranteed.

These days it is illegal to fill a dating site with hundreds of fake profiles. We couldn’t agree more. We have never done this and we are only really here to help people find more sex. So while another dating site was doing this it just to get money from people we wanted people to be happy with our dating site and that meant only one thing, that is finding more sex. Therefore It would have been pointless to fill the dating site with fake members as no one wouldn’t have actually been meeting up for more sex and fewer people would want to use the database.

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