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London is an incredibly fast pace city. Anyone who has been to other cities in the UK will realize that London simply moves at a different pace to the rest of the UK, some would even argue that it runs at a different pace to the rest of the world. Everyone wants things to be fast and snappy. Whether you are ordering food or waiting at a London underground, everyone hates waiting.

Sex in London

When it comes to sex, people are no different, in fact, people are probably more impatient. People don’t have time to waste on dating and apps like Tinder. If you are looking for no strings attached sex in London then you just want it now. Forget going out in happy hour and trying to pull someone, why not go to a place that will allow you to meet up with others who are looking for sex a.s.a.p.

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This is London’s number one site for men and women who are eager to start having more sex in their local borough of the UK's capital.

So what makes us different to the millions of other dating sites out there in the UK? The one thing that makes us stand out is this one simple rule: everyone who signs up to this site agrees to meet up with others for sex within 48 hours of being contacted. So if you were to sign up to this website today and someone was to message you tonight asking for sex, you have to meet up with them either tonight or tomorrow night for sex. You are agreeing to drop everything and go and have sex quickly. The great thing about this is that it works both ways if you see someone online who you like the look of, why not ask them if they are interested and meet up for a fuck. People who sign up to this site all agree to this one simple rule and that is what makes us one of the top sex dating sites in the UK.

Now, it is probably important to note that you do not HAVE to meet up with anyone who messages you. Only the people you want to have sex with. So for example, if someone from Chelsea messages you and you were simply not attracted to them, you don’t have to meet them for sex. But if you were interested you would have to stop what you were doing and go and fuck them.

So sign up now and start meeting for casual encounters and one night stands in the capital city!

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