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Are you the type of person who wants someone waiting when you want to have a quickie? When you feel horny do you get irritated that you don’t have someone to shag that exact moment? We know the feeling and that is why we created the only dating site out there where you have to agree to meet up with people within hours of being contacted. Welcome to instant quickies!

Why this site works

We are all living in a world of the now. Everything is quick or even instant. Remember the day where you had to drive to the movie rental shop for a film. You actually had to go outside in the cold and drive somewhere to rent a film and then drop it off the next day! That just seems like a distant member these days. Now you just watch any film in the world instantly without moving from the lounge.

This is made possible through the wonders of the television. Well, we thought if the internet can do that, why not create a website that gave you sex just as easily. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that you can’t download a real woman to shag right there in your living room, but we wanted to create a site, that was quick, easy to use and most of all, full of hot men and women who are actively seeking no strings attached sex.

Agree to meet up with people fast!

When you sign up to this site you only have to agree to 2 things. The first is that you are actively looking for sex and want to meet up with people to shag as quickly as possible, the second is that you will quickly message people and definitely meet up with them if they are contacting you looking for sex. Now don’t get me wrong, if you do not find the person attractive, just tell them to move on. However, if you think the person is fit and you would definitely shag them, don’t waste time, meet up with them and fuck them that day.

Remember all other people on the site have agreed to the same thing so actually, the site works both ways. If you message someone they will actively meet up with you for sex that day.

This agreement actually works and most of the people who sign up to the site meet up within one week to shag.

If this appeals to you then what are you waiting for? Meet up with your ideal fuck buddy today on

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