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Why are twenty-year-old girls soo hot?

So we get asked this question quite a lot. If you are in your thirties forties and perhaps even your fifties and still think these younger women are really hot this is the blog for you.

Now, first of all, I want to explain that I am not referring to children or young teenagers. This is a blog that is referring to girls in their prime 19-25. Many men get older but still find these younger girls very sexually attractive and worry for the same reason I felt I had to justify what this blog is about moments ago.

As we know, no one wants to be a pedo so the Minutemen are finding girls about 10 years younger than them attractive they begin to panic.

Tight sexy bodies.

Think of it this way. Most of the porn stars that you wank over are probably 20-22 years old. Do you think there will ever be a point in your life that you don’t find these women attractive? If you go to a mainstream porn site and look at the women in their videos they are all younger girls. This explains to you that the way you are feeling is perfectly normal. Do you honestly think only teenage boys are looking at these websites? No, men into their sixties are probably still watching this porn and enjoying it. So if you are forty and beginning to wonder why you are still attracted to women in their twenties you are not alone.

Why do so many men like these youthful twenty-year-old girls?

Well, it actually all comes back to biology. Women are at their prime for having children between 17-25. Biologically they want to have children at this age too. Their bodies are made to be the most attractive to men at this time so more men want to impregnate them. This is simple biology; we are all animals at the end of the day.

It, not just the way they look either, it is the way they act, the way they walk and even their smell. The bottom line here is if you are wondering why you attracted to these younger girls, the answer is you biology is to blame.

Shag a twenty-year-old.

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Don’t get me wrong, many of these women are looking to fuck a nice young guy who also had a tight body but there are lots of girls on this site who love fucking older men.

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