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“I am looking for some sex fast in Cardiff”. If you are living in the Capital City of Wales and desperately seeking more sex, then this is the right site for you. We set up with the site over ten years ago to try and help more people have sex. We decided it was time to create a site that cut the crap and allowed you to meet up with others fast for sex. No flirting for days. This is a site for people who want to meet up for a one night stand. It is here for men and women who like to have a bit of fun and want it quick. You see, the way most dating sites in Cardiff work is that you sign up, you scroll through hundreds of women that you like the look of and then you message them. It then takes days and maybe even months to convince her to meet up with you for a shag.

Meet up for sex fast

This is where we are different, we encourage people to be honest with each other. If you do not instantly like the look of someone and have no interest in meeting up with them for sex, then tell them and move on. This is the name of the game here in Cardiff; speed. We also tell people that if they do like what they see and are interested in meeting up for a fuck to do it that night. This is called a booty call.

What is a booty call?

A booty call is when you are given a phone call to turn up for sex. If you are invited to someone’s house in the middle of the night in Cardiff, you know that it is not to turn up and have a chat, it is to turn up and have a good shag. Many of the people who sign up to this site are obsessed with having a one night stand and it is no wonder when it is so easy to meet up and fuck on the same day as meeting someone. Online dating has made this possible, and no matter where you live in Cardiff, this is possible.

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