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Perhaps you like quickies? A quick shag out in public, or in the workplace, having a quick shag are always the most exhilarating as it probably means you are doing it in an area that you're not really allowed to be doing it.

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However, what if you want to find a quickie, quickly? It's not really as simple as going up to women in the street and asking them if they want a shag. That is where we can help. All of our members have sworn an oath that they love quickies and are happy to meet up for sex with others in less than 24 hours of being contacted by someone they like the look of. On our site, its all about time, we have made signing up and searching incredibly fast.

Within minutes you can be messaging other members and asking them if they want to meet up for sex. However, do this with caution. Many of our members are eager and will want to meet up that day, so don’t contact people if there is no way of meeting up that day. This is more than speed dating, this is sex speed dating. If you want to find a quickie fast, then this is the site for you!

Check back each week and we will feature our hottest member who has signed up for that week. Signing up to the site is free so why not sign up and meet one of the thousands who is looking for no strings attached sex in the UK.

Why people enjoy quickies

Having a quicky is all about the rush of meeting up with someone for the first time and just fucking them within minutes. Its all about just heading straight into the toilets and sticking your dick in them. The rush and the speed of the shag. Nothing intimate about it just a fast hard fuck where you can both a bit of sexual relief.

Because of this having a quickie has become very popular in the UK. From shagging in a bush in London to cuming in her mouth in Cardiff. People are all having quickies and to be quite honest with you it is becoming a bit ridiculous!

The kind of people you could meet

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