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InstantQuickies site features

Before creating a 100% free dating profile on our site you might like to know about a few website features that might help persuade you when it comes to choosing our service. Apart from being one of the biggest and most successful casual sex sites in the UK, you might not believe that we could pack anything more into your experience, but we can! And to prove it, here is a list of our best site features:

Dirty pictures

You can upload lots of photos to your profile, and the dirtier you make them, the more interest you’ll have from our members. We encourage you to show yourself off on your profile, make sure you add one of your faces as well so that other members know who they are talking too. Our team of moderators also spend a lot of time verifying photos to make sure they apply to the few rules we have here, so don’t worry, you might see a lot of naked people, but that’s as rude as we want it to get!

Local searches and advanced search filters

When a member joins our site they enter their nearest city and their postcode is used to help determine how close they are from their nearest sex match. Our automatic location tool can help locate how far away from everyone is from each other. So all the searches you generate our ordered by distance, allowing you to connect with people right around the corner from you!

As well as our location search, we also utilise advanced search filters. There are a set of criteria you can use when searching for your ideal match.  You can add filters that fall into categories like looks, body size, boob size, hair colour, eye colour etc, adult interests like, anal, oral, dogging, role play etc, and a ton of other filters.

Easy to use messaging service

Of course, every dating site has the ability to send messages, but here at instant quickies, we give you an inbox and outbox, allowing you to check up on people you’ve sent messages to, to see if they have been received!

Favourite members, you want to meet

This feature works a lot like Facebook. Once you connect with someone you like the look of, add them to your favourites list. After that you can keep up with all their profile activity, whether it’s uploading a new photo, adding a diary entry, or updating their interests.

We work on computer / tablet / mobile

One of the most important features to complement our exciting dating site is having the ability to use it on the move! That’s why we created a mobile-friendly version of our site that is easy to use, and perfect for using when you’re looking for some local action. You can still do all the same great things you would on your computer, but we’ve made it easier by creating a phone-friendly interface!

We keep you safe and secure

Believe it or not, your safety and security are at the top of our priority list. Like with any site on the internet that allows you to send and receive messages, there will always be a group of unfortunate people that try and take advantage of this system.  But don’t worry, we make sure to verify all profiles that are created, and run all messages sent on our platform through our automatic message checker. This spots any dodgy messages before they reach your inbox, ultimately freezing them out so you never have to be hassled by people you don’t want to connect with, Hallelujah!

The kind of people you could meet

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