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Are you living in Coventry and are you desperate to meet up with hot women in your area for sex tonight? I know that there are hundreds of other sex dating sites out there that claim you can meet up for sex tonight but how many of them let you do it? This site is unique because when we say we can find you an instant quickie, we mean it. Don’t believe me? Well, why not hear what our members say rather than what we say.

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[quickies in coventry] “I would rate this site five stars. I signed up to this site hoping that I might be able to meet up with someone within two weeks of signing up. I told myself that if I met someone at that time, then I would be impressed with the site. Well, I have to say that I met someone for sex within two days. I signed up to this site and thought I would just message about ten different women asking them if they wanted to meet up for sex. I did this because I have come from other online dating sites where you can message about twenty women and not hear anything back off any of them for about three weeks, so I thought I would start off slow. The thing that blew me away was seven of these women got back in the first day of me messaging them. They were kind and courteous. Some of them simply explained that they didn’t have the time right now to meet up for sex and two of them messaged back saying where would I like to meet and that they were free that week. I  almost could not believe my luck so contacted Instant Quickies to confirm that they were both real people looking for real sex. I turn out they are. Now, something that I didn’t realize is that on this site it is the done thing for the man to pay for the hotel room. But I totally get that; I would have offered anyway, but it was assumed that this was the case by these girls. I told them that I was eager to meet up and met on the third night and the other on the fourth evening. I have had a spring in my step ever since. I cannot believe that I have gone almost an entire year with no sex and had sex twice in one week from signing up to this site. Fucking amazing!

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