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We offer anyone living in the UK the quickest and easiest way to find casual with like-minded horny adults. It’s so simple to and fasts to join our site and get create your instant profile so that you can start sending and receiving messages from members looking for casual encounters. Gone are the days where you feel like you have to go out to town and approach the drunkest guy or girl in the club, with you simply log in, find a partner that matches your requirements and arrange to meet, it really is as easy as 1,2,3, sex!

How to get the most out of our casual dating service?

If you’ve just joined us than we can only imagine you are losing your shit at the number of horny men and women available and looking for sex. You’re probably glued to seeing all our dirty member photos and videos accessible on their profile. But try and calm that sexual excitement for just one second, because we want to try and help make sure you make the most out of our horny dating service by following these simple snippets of advice.

Don’t just accept the first shag going

With over 350,000+ active members across the UK looking for some fun, the opportunity to meet a casual fuck buddy is huge! So with that said don’t just accept the first person you spark up a conversation with. You must have an idea of the type of person you want to meet, so make sure you use our advanced search filters to find them because believe us they are here and looking to meet you!

Choose a sensible place to meet up for your first encounter

If you’ve been talking to someone that really get’s you excited the next step of the plan is to arrange a place to meet up for that first date introduction. At this point, it’s good to get an idea of whether this is just a social introduction or something that might lead to a little more fun afterwards… Either way choose someone that is fairly public, but not too hectic and wild. You want the chance to get to know each other, a dark bar is always a great place to spend a couple of hours having some drinks and working on that sexual chemistry…

Without sounding like your mum, remember to always stay safe

The chances of finding sex at are incredibly high, so more likely than not you are going to meet a few sexual partners. This is going to be a fun and thrilling experience, but don’t forget the basics. Make sure you always bring or get the guy to bring condoms. We know it sounds boring and in the heat of the moment it’s not always the first thing on your mind, but believe us, it’s always going to turn out better if you’re sensible and responsible sooner rather than later.

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